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ERGOTEM is certified according to the highest quality standards at all production and project implementation stages, working safety and environmental sustainability.

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ERGOTEM supplies ABRAPLATE® products to many destinations around the world.

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Hardfacing Products


ABRAPLATE® Plates are produced by a unique and versatile automatic bulk welding process using the highest quality raw materials.

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The product portfolio of ERGOTEM consists of two main variations of ABRAPLATE® : AB 200 and AB 400. In addition, the company also provides custom compositions according to customer specifications which can be produced with flux cored wires designed to the specifications of the specific application or customer’s request.

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ABRAPLATE® Plates have numerous applications in a great variety of industries offering cost-efficient and sustainable wear protection solutions.

Quality RD

ERGOTEM’s product line is developed, produced and tested according to the highest quality standards.

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