ERGOTEM has participated in multiple industrial Erection and Maintenance projects globally in various industry sectors such as Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical and Petrochemical industries, Environmental Protection, Telecommunications and Defense. ERGOTEM coupled with superior expertise from differentiated projects, along with experienced engineers and constructors can be the right partner for any EPC project and emergence maintenance requests, including shut downs.
Main Projects:

Power Generation

Lignite and Brown Coal Fired Thermal Power Plants
Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Plants on Thermal Power Stations
Combined Cycle Power Plants for Diesel Firing Gas Turbines
Open Cycle Power Plants for Diesel Firing Gas Turbines
Diesel Engine Thermal Power Stations
Off-shore Jobs
Hydroelectric Power Stations
Others (Renewable energy, District Heating from Power Stations, etc.)

Oil & Gas

Petroleum Refinery Installations (Process Units, Utilities, etc.)
Natural Gas Pipe Lines Installations and related parts (i.e.: M/R Stations etc.)
Fuel Oil Pipe Lines and Installations and related parts (i.e.: Filtering Stations, Launching/Receiving etc.)
LNG Installations
Petroleum Storage Tank Farms and related Installations
Truck Loading Installations

Environmental Protection

Waste Water Treatment Plants
Municipality Waste Treatment Plants
FGD and De-NOx Installations
Asbestos Removal and Restoring Works
Other Installations for Environmental Protection


Lignite and Brown Coal Mining Equipment (i.e.: excavators, stackers)
Conveyor Systems
Concrete and other Mining Plants




Aviation Pumping Stations