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Hauptsitze & Werk

Loutsas Str. Industrial Area Mandra, P.O. Box 30, 196 00, Attica, Griechenland
Tel.: (+30) 210 5555835, +30 210 5557636
Fax.: (+30) 210 5557735
E-mail: ergotem@ergotem.gr

Verschleissfeste Produkte

  • Verkauf & Marketing

E-mail: msakelliou@ergotem.gr

  • Technischer Support:

E-mail: Mirtzanis_m@ergotem.gr

Verschleissfeste Produkte

230 Ferry St., Easton, PA 18042, USA
Tel: (+1) 610 829 1414
Fax: (+1) 610 829 1416
  • Verkauf & Marketing

E-mail: sales@ergotem-usa.com

  • Technischer Support:

E-mail: moutselos@ergotem-usa.com

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ERGOTEM is certified according to the highest quality standards at all production and project implementation stages, working safety and environmental sustainability.

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